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Earth Day in Your Neighborhood
A Guide for Kids From 2 to 122
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If you are a Young Earth Day Organizer, Here is How You Can Make an Earth Day on your Block Happen. (cont. from page 3.)

Where can You Get The Things You Need for Your Earth Day?

  • Some hardware stores might have an insulation or weatherization display that you could use.
  • Conservation departments or departments of natural resources have posters on various topics. How to plant a tree or how to build a compost area or how to insulate an attic would all be good.

You could make up your own posters or displays by getting some big pieces of cardboard from a grocery store or recycling center and gluing on pictures from magazines to tell the story you wish.

You can get brochures or
fact sheets from
government agencies.
Turn them into displays by
copying them onto cardboard.
Use your pictures as needed.

See if you can line up a speaker on an environmental topic.
Try your city's environmental department, the state conservation or natural resources department, universities or university extension offices.

If you get stuck check out the forum on our web site. You can write your questions for others to read and make suggestions

Please let us know if you are doing an Earth Day in your neighborhood. We are interested in how this idea works. You can tell us about your Earth Day by writing us or putting it on talk back on our web site listed below.

If you think this is a good idea and helped you do something good for the environment you may send us a donation of any size. Donations help us get this and other ideas to help the environment out to people who can use them.
Thank you!

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click here for a list of resources to help you get the information
you need to help your neighbors learn about the environment.

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