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Earth Day in Your Neighborhood
A Guide for Kids From 2 to 122
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If you are a Young Earth Day Organizer, Here is How You Can Make an Earth Day on your Block Happen. (cont. from page 2.)

If you can't think of anything to do, start talking to other people. Do they have any good ideas?

List all the ideas that you and your neighbors have come up with, and choose the ones you would like to do.

Then find an adult helper. It could be a relative or a neighbor. An adult can help you get things done like talking with sponsors or the city traffic department. You will needs an adult to sign the forms if you want to block off the street. Cities often provide barricades for blocking off streets but they usually require you to leave a deposit that is refunded when you bring them back.

Make a flyer about your ideas and pass them out to all the people in the area of your Earth Day. In the flyer, ask people to call or come to a meeting to give their ideas on how to make your Earth Day better.

Choose a date when the most people can attend. Earth Day is every day so your Earth Day celebration can be any day you choose. You never know what the weather will do anytime, so plan a rain date. At the meeting, figure out how many jobs there are to be done. Ask for volunteers for each job. Keep all neighbors informed about your plans. If your Earth Day plans affect them they will want to know.

If you don't have money for flyers you may have to do some fundraising. This means asking others for the money you will need to do a specific job. Call a printer and see how much they will charge. Then you can tell your funders exactly how much money you need. Remember to tell your funders why Earth Day is important and thank them for their help.

Remember, Earth Day is a community event. Lots of people need to PREPARE, help out, and come. EVERYTHING SEEMS TO TAKE LONGER THAN YOU THINK. PLEASE START EARLY!

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Where do you get all the things you will need for your Earth Day?

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