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EcoKids Report #15

EcoKids Framing House Flats February 20, 1999

On February 20 we met at Rockhill Baptist Church.

We spread tarps on the floor and cut out refrigerator cartons into house flats, representing neighborhood houses. There will be four houses in our set that creates the background for our show.

They are simple shapes, 6 feet wide and 6 to 8 feet tall. Bracing made of 1X2s were glued to the back of each house flat.

The EcoKids cut the boards to fit around the perimeter, up the middle and on chimneys. The bracing was held in place by staples while it dried. We got practice in measuring and sawing and not getting glue on the carpet. It was a good session of problem solving and the kids did very well. 

Thanks to volunteers Demetra Salisbury, Joel Kraft, Ellie Dawson and Ann Dykas. 

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