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EcoKids Report #9

Starting Raps & Songs December 19, 1998

On Saturday, December 19, we met at Rockhill Baptist Church. We did our first exploration of rap and song as an initial step to our performances next summer. I was concerned that the kids might view my material as too corny or that they wouldn’t have what it takes to deliver it. My concerns were laid to rest.

We did several raps from our recycling play Down in the Dumps. Since the kids didn’t know the raps yet, we did them in call and response. They were great, full of playful enthusiasm. Joel Kraft, guitarist and volunteer, accompanied the kids on Stan Slaughter’s song "Shoppin' for a Better World". Regular volunteer, Ellie Dawson, as always added enthusiasm and her wonderful science teacher skills. We are going to have quite a show.

When we meet again, January 9 the kids that play are going to bring musical instruments for the second hour of our meeting. Our first hour we will hear from inspiring, self starting community people who devote much of their life to working with others.

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