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EcoKids Report #7


On Saturday December 5th, Barry Bernstein of Healthy Sounds came over to demonstrate how unity with diversity is not only possible but also a lot of fun. Barry has more drums than you can shake a stick at and he brought a van load over for us to play with. We found that each person’s name had a distinct rhythm, when spoken. Barry helped us translate from spoken language into drum beats. He then helps us demonstrate how everyone’s distinct rhythm-name could be played at the same time and sound VERY GOOD. When the beat gets off, Barry helps it back into harmony with the simple direction, "Listen to each other". The music/group immediately smoothes out and the lesson is obvious to all.

The EcoKids and I are looking at the possibility of incorporating some of Barry’s ideas into our Earth Day performances next June and July. What kind of rhythm can a neighborhood play together? What will happen if we all listen to each other and to the background rhythm of nature? Thanks, Barry!

After lunch, The EcoKids and I canvassed about six blocks and were heartened to find out how many residents wanted to help us put together the Earth Day celebrations.

I am very pleased and thankful to be working with the EcoKids and so many others who want to help us build a dream.

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