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EcoKids Report #6


kids at squaw creek

On Saturday, November 28, the EcoKids were invited by Dan and Donna Fuller of the Sierra Club to join them for their annual fall trip to Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge. Each fall migrating snow and blue geese stop at the refuge on their way south. There were a reported 350 thousand snow geese. They put on an impressive show.

As an environmental educator, I’m always on the lookout for opportunity for nature to show her magic. The EcoKids got an opportunity to see thousands of geese take off at close range, a truly awesome sight.

Experiences like these become touch stones for later discussions about such topics as the order and intelligence of nature, migration, river management, wetlands, agricultural practices and many unthought of connections. After we drove around the wetland area looking at geese and eagles we came back to the visitors center where we ate lunch and took a hike in the woods along the Missouri River bluffs.

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