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EcoKids Report #39

Earth Day 5

Saturday, July 10, we met in 5300 Block of Harrison. We were playing for the combined audiences of Rockhill Crest and College Hill neighborhoods. We were going to play for College Hill separately but Rockhurst College’s demolition of several blocks of that neighborhood looked so devastating that it seemed better to move the celebration. Four EcoKids were present.

The director was much more relaxed after the Troostwood crisis. At the time scheduled for the performance there were three neighbors sitting there in lawn chairs. We decided to wait until the women’s championship soccer match was over to see if we could increase our audience. After the match some more neighbors did come out. We finally had about ten people watching. I was getting much better and more relaxed about ad-libbing in places where the kids forgot their lines or there just wasn’t someone to take a part. I forgot parts too. Humor and the good natured audiences deserve the credit for a good time. We received a lot of good comments.

The audience was made up of about 10 neighbors. We plugged into an electrical outlet on a neighbor’s porch for the electricity for tools and sound system.

Thanks to Joel Kraft and Jeff Fegley and several neighbor volunteers who helped us set up and break down.

Comments: This was actually fun.

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