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EcoKids Report #34

Earth Day 1

Saturday, June 12, we met in the middle of the 5700 Block of Kenwood for our first Earth Day. Eight EcoKids were present. Since the play was written for eight EcoKids on stage and two helping off stage, some last minute adaptation had to be made. I was very glad that I took a part that I could narrate around the changes. The kids did okay even thought they didn’t know their parts very well. The director was anxious.

The audience was made up of mostly the people from the block where we performed and a few parents. We had a crowd of about 15. Notices were sent to the homes in a 12 block area. The proposed signs on the block corners fell through due to lack of volunteers. The literature was put out on tables. One neighbor let us plug in to get electricity for tools and the sound system.

Thanks to Jeff Fegley, Joel Kraft and two neighbors who helped with set up and break down.

Comments: The meager turnout seems to be because the block where the event was held was well organized. One neighbor was invested before hand in the success of the event however her involvement was limited to her own block. The hoped for volunteers to promote the event on other blocks did not materialize. The food seemed to be a bigger draw than the play. Much of the food was not prepared ahead of time and had to be grilled on site. This delayed dinner until about thirty minutes after the play. Some people held off their arrival until the food was ready.

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