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EcoKids Report #26

2nd Sleep-Over

May 21-22 we met at the studio Friday evening. Pizza for dinner was again donated by Waldo Pizza. Thank you.

On Thursday, Patty Cawthon worked another four hours on the scenery. On Friday afternoon, Eliza Cain and I spent about two hours doing some pre "blocking" the parking lot with tape to show where all the scenery went. This layout was in anticipation of blocking when the kids arrived. Blocking is where each person in the play moves through all the positions that they will be in the play.

The kids were slow in arriving which delayed blocking. In the mean time the kids that came earlier started painting scenery. Since they were working so well I decided to wait until Saturday to block. After about two hours of painting the kids interest began to wane.

We got up about 8:10 AM again and cooked breakfast of fried potatoes and eggs. We worked some on the scenery and play. Around 10:00 we went out to block the play. By that time the sun was heating up the parking lot and we didn’t get much blocking done. We went through the raps and songs again.

Chaperone duties were carried out by Marty and Joel Kraft. Thanks on Friday evening to volunteers Joel Kraft, Rahima Sweeney and Eliza Cain. Thanks to Joel, Ellie Dawson Pat Spring for Saturday morning.

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