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EcoKids Report #25

1st Sleep-Over

May 14-15 we met at the studio Friday evening. On May 13, in preparation for the sleep over, Patty Cawthon donated four hour sketching the scenery. Thanks. Pizza was donated by Waldo Pizza for dinner.

We painted scenery, practiced songs and rehearsed the firmer parts of the play. The play was still evolving at this time. I was leaving plenty of opportunity for the EcoKids to co-write the play. Kevin, Shekena’s Father taught drill team moves for "It’s a Beautiful Day", Mr. Roger's theme song. Kevin suggested a change in the play in which I would be kicked by the “foot of human consumption”. He said the kids would get a “kick” out of it. I agreed.*

There was ice cream before bed. Chaperone duties were carried out by Marty Kraft, Joel Kraft and Alice Randolph. We actually got some sleep.

We got up about 8:00 AM and cooked breakfast of fried potatoes and eggs. We worked some on the scenery and some on the play. Later in the morning, Mr. Williams returned for more drill team moves.

We planned a sleep-over for the next weekend to work hard again on the play.

Thanks on Friday evening to volunteers Joel Kraft, Roberta Vogel, Kevin Williams, Rahima Sweeney and Eric Thut. Thanks to Ellie Dawson and Kevin for Saturday morning help. Special thanks go to Alice Randolph and Joel Kraft for their help during the whole event.

Thanks also goes to the Kansas City Missouri Household Hazardous Waste center who makes available free paint which is collect from citizens who donate their left overs. The colors that we still needed we donated by Missouri Paint on 63rd Street. They also donated plastic drop cloth material that protected the carpet in the church (Studio).

*This additional part in the play was very helpful. The character evolved into the Ecofairy Godfather, a magical creature who would be narrating/observing/performing throughout the play. Given the attendance of the kids and their lack of enthusiasm, the part allowed me to keep the play on track by making humorous comments as needed.

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