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EcoKids Report #2


We spent a number of meetings getting to know each other and talking about environmental subjects and our community. Gaining the kids trust and cooperative spirit was the most difficult part of the program. I had lots of doubts. How can we help foster neighborhood community if we can’t find it ourselves? I called the kids each week to remind them of the upcoming Saturday meeting.

During the time from planting to harvest we

  • worked on the EcoKid logo design. EcoKid Karlos Kindle designed our identifying logo.

  • strategized, role played and contacting neighbors for help on our Earth Day

  • acquired a 3x6 foot map of the neighborhood from the city. Each EcoKid identified their own house and we began becoming familiar with the various areas of the neighborhood.

  • made up commercials for eco-friendly products.

  • the kids and volunteer/neighbor, Tom James, organized "Pesto Saturday". Tom and the kids made pesto with basil from our garden. The kids alternated making masks of animals of our ecosystem and cooking. Um um good!

On Saturday, October 3, just before the recent big flood, Jim Benz helped us test the water in Brush Creek and learned about stream ecology and run-off problems. Jim has put Brush Creek information on a web site including photos of the 1977 flood. Visit the Urban Water Quality web site at MARC.

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