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EcoKids Report #19

Painting Flats etc. March 20, 1999

March 20, we met at the GED room at the Dream Center. Painting the flats of the houses we created for the play took much of the time and patience allotted to the day. More time should have been spent on painting instruction and avoidance of spills! A lot of clean up was required.

We used left over latex paint that people turned in to Kansas City's Household Hazardous Waste facility. They had almost all the colors that we needed and it was all free. After our program we will return all the left over paint. Latex paint is much less toxic than oil based and it also provides a waterproof surface.

We also watered plants and installed another electronic ballast replacing a defective one. Some time was spent discussing the up coming show, our involvement with Earth Day at the Kansas City Zoo, an All Species fund-raiser at Wild Oats and a camping trip the weekend of May 1.

Thanks to volunteers Roberta Vogel, Joel Kraft and Ellie Dawson.

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