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PLANTING SEEDS August 3, 1998

Last Friday 11 kids, a volunteer and I got on the Troost bus and went to Kansas City Community Gardens to get seeds and plants for the fall garden on our Tracy Garden lot. Visit the Urban Community Gardens for more info on community gardens.

Saturday, 11 EcoKids planted their gardens. No moaning, or "can we go?", yet. They just got right to work for two hours. Lots of adult volunteer/mentors showed up including two city council persons and the neighborhood president. We also invited a TV and a newspaper reporter to let others know.

This week I am doing make-ups with the kids that missed one or the other earlier sessions. I have 16 kids signed up so far of the 20 that I can accommodate.

These are good kids and I think they are going to understand the power and wonder of community sharing. I am VERY pleased with the first two meetings with the EcoKids.

Come, meet the kids and join in, this coming Saturday, 10:00 at 5630 Tracy. We will be planting some apple trees and mulching the garden plus the serendipity factor.

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