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All Species Project Earns EPA Grant

This article was written by Carol Grimaldi, the president of the 49/63 Neighborhood Coalition. Carol graciously wrote it at our request. It appeared in the June issue of the 49/63 Neighborhood Newsletter that is mailed to all addresses in the neighborhood.

The Heartland All Species Project has been awarded a major grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to involve neighborhood youth in an environmental education work and service program. The innovative 49/63 Neighborhood Environmental Stewardship Program will put our youth in leadership roles to help make 49/63 an environmentally sustainable community.

Beginning in July, 20 neighborhood residents from 10 to 15 years old will work throughout 49/63 to help residents understand the significance and application of: recycling, household hazardous and other waste reduction, composting, gardening, cooking, grass recycling, sound consuming practices, home energy conservation, weatherization, energy conserving landscaping and neighborhood community building.

Through the 46 week program, the youth will become environmental educators, interacting with residents and businesses through their work activities, service projects and a traveling Earth Day show to be presented at least 12 times in 49/63. The Earth Day show and other activities are geared towards supporting plat development and enhancement in 49/63.

As a partner in this project, 49/63 is providing in-kind communications and volunteer staffing support. Another partner, the Rockhurst College School of Education, will create a neighborhood educational model available to other communities. Additional partners include St. Francis Xavier School, Neighborhood Housing Services, Teachers Landscaping and Kansas City Community Gardens.

Participating youth will receive financial compensation for their work. Young 49/63 residents interested in the 49/63 Neighborhood Environmental Stewardship Training Program should contact Project Director at 361-1230 right away. 49/63 looks forward to working with you and learning from you.

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