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This article appeared in the October issue of the 49/63 Neighborhood Coalition Newsletter.

The 49/63 EcoKids are planning to go door to door in our neighborhood to let you know about the EcoKids program. They will be looking for neighbors who will help organize their own block for our Earth Day celebrations next summer.The EcoKids will also tell you about our EcoService program. Through several offerings they will help us become better environmental citizens.

  • To help you stay current with environmental news they will be offering subscriptions to E-The Environmental Magazine.

  • To help you save trees or petroleum they will be offering heavy duty, reusable, canvas grocery bags.

  • To help you make your soil richer, naturally, they will be offering simple back yard compost bins complete with composting instructions.

  • To help you save time and trees they will be offering our leaf collecting and grinding service that requires NO BAGGING.

  • To help advertise the EcoKids program and the 49/63 Neighborhood they will be offering the EcoKids t-shirt.

Please help us as you are able. If you have questions or comments, please call Heartland All Species Project at 816/361-1230.

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