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EcoKids Successful Start!

We wrote this article to tell of our successful start. It appeared in the September '98 issue of the 49/63 Neighborhood Newsletter.

The EcoKids are off to a good start. Seventeen of the twenty 49/63 Neighborhood kids have been chosen to learn about neighborhood ecology and sustainability. They are now serving, learning and earning here in 49/63.

SERVING - The EcoKids are beginning to plan for 12, multiple block Earth Days throughout 49/63. They will bring neighbors out to see a performance and displays they have created. These shows will be a perfect opportunity for your area to become stronger and more organized. The EcoKids will be helping Rockhurst with their Halloween party this year. They will also be helping with some clean-up activities as well.

LEARNING - Drive by Tracy Gardens at 5630 Tracy where the EcoKids are learning about nature through organic gardening. We will also be learning about landscaping, weatherization, storm water runoff, mass transit and about any other environmental issue that effects our neighborhood. If you have an expertise or even a strong desire, volunteers are welcome and needed.

EARNING - The EcoKids are considering three entrepreneurial ideas that will help themselves and the program. First, All Species has just purchased a leaf eating Billy Goat, a large leaf vacuum and grinder. For our future customers, this means no bagging of leaves. You or the EcoKids rake your leaves into a pile and we suck em up and compost them. Second, "E- The Environmental Magazine" has made us a special fund raising offer. To become better known they are letting us have all revenues on subscriptions above their cost. Third, canvass shopping bags with the 49/63 EcoKids logo are being researched. You may find an EcoKid at your door. They are good kids. Please help.

YOUR INVOLVEMENT - The EcoKids meet from 10 to 12 noon on Saturdays. The betterment of our neighborhood is always the topic. Come meet regularly with us, lend your skills, learn with us. Do you have some talent to offer? Do you have special perks that would reward the kids for their service? Would you like to see one of the Earth Day celebrations near where you live? Could you help the EcoKids organize your block? Would you like to use our leaf service, buy a good environmental magazine, buy a shopping bag or donate time or money? If you would like to get involved in any way, please call 361-1230.

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