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EcoKids Initial Press Release

July 20, 1998

You and the entire community are invited to demonstrate your support for the EcoKids’ work in the community by attending a brief ceremony August 1, at 10:00 AM at Tracy Gardens at 5630 Tracy. Immediately after the ceremony the EcoKids will plant their fall garden.

Heartland All Species Project is pleased to announce the start of its 49/63 Neighborhood EcoKids program. The EcoKids program will work with up to 20 kids, from 10 to 15 years of age for one year. The EcoKids will learn about making their neighborhood sustainable and building community.

The program will meet on Saturday mornings and be involved in various projects including; solar energy, endangered species, weatherization, gardening, landscaping, mask making, Halloween party, architecture, transportation etc. At the end of the program the EcoKids will create a show and displays that will tour the 49/63 Neighborhood. The EcoKids will use their knowledge of neighborhood sustainability and community organization to produce 12 Earth Day celebrations for residents. Rockhurst Education Department students will work with the EcoKids and help create web site materials that other neighborhoods can learn from.

The following organizations will be assisting in the program; Rockhurst College, St. Francis Xavier School, Kansas City Community Gardens, Metropolitan Energy Center, Rockhill Baptist Church, Neighborhood Housing Services, BNIM Architects, 49/63 Neighborhood.

Funding for the program is from an educational grant from the Environmental Protection Agency, Region 7.

Marty Kraft, Program Director, 816/361-1230
5644 Charlotte
Kansas City, MO 64110

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