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EcoKids Application Process

The neighborhood kids that applied for the EcoKids program responded to a brochure mailed to their home. An appointment was set up for an interview with the program director and the neighborhood’s board staff support person. For each EcoKid chosen, a meeting was set up with one or both of their parents. Both parent and EcoKid were to read and sign the following documents before admission to the program. Service and accountability were stressed in these interviews.

49/63 Neighborhood EcoKids Program Application Information. Please read carefully.

Thank you for applying to the 49/63 EcoKids program. This sheet is just an outline. Much of the program will be developed by the participants. We will be selecting 20 young 49/63 residents, from 10 to 15 years of age. We will choose those who we believe will best be able to fulfill the program’s mission. That mission is to help young 49/63 residents learn about the neighborhood and the environment, and how to use that knowledge to serve. An attitude of service is very important.

EcoKids will learn:

  • how we can live sustainably on city blocks here in 49/63,

  • how neighborhood community works and how to help it work better,

  • how to bring neighbors together to learn about the environment and community

  • how to communicate through words, song, rap, dance, art and other means

  • how to organize and put on a community event.

Our first meeting will be August 1, 1998, at Tracy Gardens at 5630 Tracy at 10:00 AM. The EcoKids will meet every Saturday morning at various locations. Experts from all over the metro area will be brought in to share their knowledge and experience with the EcoKids. Sometimes we will go on field trips. Other Neighborhood meeting locations include the DREAM center at 56th and Forest, Rockhill Baptist Church at 59th and Harrison and Saint Francis Xavier School. Tracy Gardens will serve as a learning laboratory and demonstration for neighbors in how to garden, compost and landscape. At harvest time the EcoKids will prepare a meal for their families from vegetables that the kids have grown. The young residents will learn that they have choices in how they spend their food dollars, choices that benefit health and the environment.

Some of the things we will be doing are:

  • Designing and printing up our own t-shirts

  • Insulating and weatherizing houses to save energy

  • Building a model of a sustainable block

  • Building bird houses and feeders

  • Helping put on a Halloween Critter Ball for kids

  • Making masks and puppets

  • Building displays

  • Creating a show with scenery, stage, songs, raps, dance and skits

  • Planting trees and landscaping

  • Gardening and cooking a banquet for our families

  • Finding out what appliances are best energy buy

  • Learning about animals and plants that live in this bioregion
    and what dangers they face

  • Creating our own web site to tell the world what we learned

  • Keeping video records of our adventure

During the fall, sessions will focus on simple weatherization skills like weather stripping, caulking, insulation, and the theoretical knowledge to go with these skills. The kids will be coached in ways to earn some money helping their neighbors save energy. The young residents will also learn about lighting, appliances and household habit patterns that can save energy and money. Collection and composting of vegetation will peak in the fall as gardens are prepared for the next season

EcoKids will help with neighborhood events.
The EcoKids will learn how to communicate environmental and community building ideas using the arts. Students in a class studying the arts in education at Rockhurst College will work with our EcoKids. The 49/63 Neighborhood, Rockhurst and the Kansas City Police Department hold an annual Safe Halloween event for neighborhood children. Our EcoKids will put on an All Species mask making workshop for all children so they can become their favorite animal and learn some of its natural history. The EcoKids will also learn how to create displays of things neighbors can do to help the environment, examples include, how to caulk, compost, shop for appliances, garden, plant a tree, mulch mow, etc.

The EcoKids will become experts on neighborhood sustainability. As a way to share that knowledge,12 Earth Day on Your Block celebrations will be organized and produced in each of the 49/63 Neighborhood’s subdivisions. The kids will present a play. Attending neighborhood residents will be offered an opportunity to tour the table displays and talk to kids.

EcoKids will receive an allowance.
We wish to encourage attitudes of giving back to the community, especially to those in need. Kids will receive an allowance for their involvement in the program and will also be expected to complete community service. The kids will help establish the basis for creating true neighborhood community where individuals interact and care what happens to all those who live there.

The EcoKids will be compensated $5.00 per Saturday session. They will be paid quarterly. There will be an additional allowance for their work on the Earth Day celebrations.


Please answer all questions to the best of your ability and return to the address below. Thanks for applying. Applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview.

Name __________________________________________
Address __________________________________________
Phone __________________________________________
Email __________________________________________
School __________________________________________
Grade _______
Birth _______
Favorite Subjects:
What are your hobbies?
List your special talents or skills
What dates and times are you available for an interview?
Have you ever done any community service or service for other people without pay?
Would you say a few words about that service?
Would you be willing to serve your neighborhood through the EcoKids program?
Will you be able to regularly attend the two hour meetings on Saturday mornings? (Field trips and special programs may take longer.)
Will you be able to put in at least five hours per week on the EcoKids program?
Have you ever done anything to help the environment? Please explain.
Would you be willing to learn about the environment and our neighborhood and share what you have learned with others through the EcoKids program?

During the early part of next summer we will present 12 Earth Day celebrations to our 49/63 Neighbors. Will you be able to attend on weekends from May through July 1999 to put on these celebrations?

If chosen to participate, I will do my best to make the EcoKids program success.


If my child is selected to participate in the EcoKid program I will do my best to help her or him fulfill the commitment he or she made to make the program a success for everyone concerned.

______________________________Parent or guardian signature

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